Sep 21, 2011

Birdwatching in Peru

Hello everyone,
I’m a Peruvian guide, specialized in Birdwatching. I’d like to start explaining the meaning of my blog's name “Tuku”, it is a quechua word (Andean language) that means Owl.And "The Birder Adventures", because I'll be writing and posting videos and pictures, of every experience I have in the field, like this would be a kind of a birder diary.

Peru is, and I think will continue to be, considered the paradise for birders; Peru is second place in bird diversity in the world with a number of about 1,850 bird species, plus has a greater number of endemic birds too (we have more than 116 birds that can only be found in our country).
"Ted" Parker, an American ornithologist, who was widely considered the finest field birder / ornithologist that the world had ever seen. Once said: Peru offers ‘bird-enthusiasts’ more than any other country in the world… Being here is like being a child visiting a huge store filled with new and fascinating toys”. And actually that is true.

The main objective of this blog is to promote "BIRDWATCHING" in Peru, a key for sustainable tourism. Also Peru offers cultural, gastronomic, adventure, homestay, esoteric and ecotourism.

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